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California Business trip, day 8

Posted on Friday, June 23 2006 at 07:17 | Category: News | 0 Comment(s)

Again, only a very long meeting and presentation day. Nothing special to report.

California Business trip, day 7

Posted on Thursday, June 22 2006 at 05:12 | Category: News | 0 Comment(s)

Today we visited NUMMI, the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. This is a joint venture of Toyota and General Motors which was founded over twenty years ago to implement Toyota's lean manufacturing process in a country outside of Japan. They produce the Toyota Corolla, Tacoma (a compact pickup) and Vibe. It was impressive to see the bodies being put together with the help of robots, and it was interesting to follow the Tacoma production line to see the car being completed piece by piece. Assembling of the vehicle only takes about 3.5 hours, and the complete process which starts with stamping the bodies from large coils of steel takes less then 24 hours (includes several hours of curing in an oven).


Then, after some meetings, we had the evening event which some of our colleagues who stayed back in Germany were obviously looking forward to: We had the chance to tabour the drum together with Drum Cafe. All in all it was quite nice, and we already have concrete ideas of how to integrate similar events in our daily work (one was to replace our email systems by drums, but this turned out to be too challenging). So, lets see what else we can do ;-)


California Business trip, day 6

Posted on Wednesday, June 21 2006 at 05:02 | Category: News | 0 Comment(s)

Another easy day: Meetings. Came back a little earlier than the days before, so I had the chance to write the blog entries for Sunday and Monday.


California Business trip, day 5

Posted on Tuesday, June 20 2006 at 08:04 | Category: News | 1 Comment(s)

Now, this turns out to be easy: started meetings at about 8am, came back to the hotel at about 11pm. Really nothing else ...


Therefore some tech talk :-) : One thing which really bothers me is the fact that I have to login to the wireless network of the hotel once a day. Not only that I have to type in a pseudo-private password, they also ask me for my name and my companies name each time. Of course it does not matter at all what is actually typed in there, and it seems that they are also able to locate the room from which their hotspot is accessed, and at each login they tell me that it is a fixed flatrate "per stay". So the question remains: why is it necessary to relogin once a day?????


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